As a very young boy I remember contemplating  the sand that appeared in the dirt after it rained. And life later presented, the clouds, suspended and drifting their way across the universe clinging onto the blue sky. Images that  I will never forget. 

About Me

My love of art started at a very early age drawing and painting as a child. Later in life my creative passion drew me to the field of commercial art, graphic design, and illustration. I knew that I would someday transition into a fine art career after having followed the path of artists such as Warhol, Matisse and Rockwell.

After many years working in the commercial art field, I began to focus my creative energy on painting, wanting to develop my own unique style. Although, my art like everything in my life is influenced. I have been able to infuse and develop a style that incorporates and satisfies my creative visions. Graphic composition, freedom of color and the use strong lines helps me to create a sense of movement. My paintings reach out to the more poetic and imaginative side of our nature, I want to create a taste of the romantic sensibility in the world around us.

Art should create an unordinary vision of the ordinary, a view of life that is seen through different eyes.